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Denne uge gæsteblogger Peter Szabo, – mød ham på Dansk Løsningsfokuseret Konference i foråret og i en pre-workshop onsdag d. 27. april med titlen: Making a difference in one single conversation only.

peter s

Peter Szabo’s keynote at the Asian Pacific International Coaching Conference in Seoul, November 2014

„How we think about change creates the kind of change that we think about.“

Three Examples

„So, what do you need to do next?“ will a manager ask his employee . Of course in a traditional organization this question makes sense: change happens through things that must be done first, this takes full commitment and continuous effort. Maybe checking on progress from time to time won’t hurt.

„How will you start to notice that you are well on the way of making progress?“ will a solution-focused coach ask. Of course in Brief Coaching this question makes sense also: change happens constantly, moving forward is inevitable and noticing change will reinforce self-efficacy of the client. Checking in becomes self-directed and coaching short.

„What recent clues prove that your progress has started a long time ago?“ Honestly: who would ask such a question? And how would that make sense? (yes, please feel free to answer these questions before you read on).

Interestingly it might lead to clients realizing that they are much further progressed than they thought and that they are not in need for coaching.

The Point

What WE believe to be true about change influences the things we observe (like the missing next steps, or like upcoming signs of progress or like evolutionary sense) And the questions we ask accordingly influence the reality that our conversation partner co-creates with us. And that again influences the kind of change actually happening (or not).

A gentle invitation

Are you in any way supporting change? Maybe time to reset your mindset on change!

By reinventing change the things happening anyway will happen faster.



Peter Szabo, Basel, Switzerland